It is my deepest desire to inspire and motivate my clients to a better understanding of themselves through the powerful modalities of Hypnosis and Imagery.  I will help you to disengage old negative belief systems, activate new positive ones and then help to reinforce your new achievable goals. I value everyone’s individuality and am mindful at all times.  In my practice I am committed to inspire hope and change, and to nurture the well-being of the whole person by respecting their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

About Cher

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, a city that I truly adore, especially the beaches where I spent most of my time outside of school and work.  I spent many hours sitting on cliffs overlooking the vast ocean contemplating life, people, and what my destiny was to be.  I knew I was very creative early on.  Not only did I have a good imagination but I became very good at manifesting things to happen in the future. Though some good and some bad, I was always on a quest to find my true self.  Two things I have always known about myself is that I love to communicate with people and I need to express myself through art and design.  So, after art school at UCLA and becoming a graduate of Woodbury University in Graphic Design and Advertising, I spent many years working in those fields, always incorporating human behavior and how the mind works into all projects. Advertising is about appealing to one’s suggestibility…why someone needs to buy a certain product.  Hypnosis works on one’s suggestibility because the client needs and wants a new behavior…. and that’s where I can help. With my innate understanding of human nature, my creative background, and the everyday challenges of raising a blended family, I know you will find my individualized approach to therapy very effective.

shutterstock_135707609A life changing event happened to me while attending school at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute.  As a person who has endured unexplainable chronic pain most of her life, always investigating new doctors and new drugs, I  eventually found a renowned Rhuematoligist who told me I had something called Fibromyalgia.  Twenty-five years ago that was a diagnosis that wasn’t really accepted in the medical community as it is today. I was actually happy to have been labeled with it! “I was relieved, I wasn’t crazy, and finally I had something to believe in, it was real!” I felt that pain was my “jailor” and I was captive to it.  Then slowly I learned through my extensive training at HMI that pain is only a perception and that once I changed my belief system about it I could actually take charge of it.  I now live a drastically better life and look forward to helping others in their health issues or with their individual blocks that keep them from obtaining their personal best.

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